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 rikka wyes ▪️ 360-374-8217

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Rikka Wyes
shooting the moon
Rikka Wyes
never think
Posts : 673
Pseudo : rivendell, lucie.
Id Card : alicia vikander | av@moonlight, sign@tumblr.
Multinicks : noami oswald.
Points : 362
rikka wyes ▪️ 360-374-8217 Tumblr_olxcloIh6F1t0u8w9o8_250
Age : thirty years old.
Civil status : engaged, although she lost him; now she says she's single.
Job|Studies : primary schoolteacher.
In Forks since : always and probably forever.
In your pocket : a notebook, a pen belonging to her grandmother, a nude lipstick, some money, her cell phone, a kit, some feminine products.
Address : #1302, thomas street.
satellite heart

Feuille de personnage
Wishlist: find him, although she'd like to learn how to move on.
Rp availability: available, fr (•○○)
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// baby, I'm never gonna leave you, say that you wanna be with me too 'Cause I'mma stay through it all So jump then fall.
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rikka wyes ▪️ 360-374-8217
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